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Our Speakers

Our brilliant seminar programme includes some of the world's leading experts and doctors in the fertility world. We ensure the speakers cover an extensive range of fertility treatment and infertility issues so there will always be a relevant topic and expert for whichever fertility path it is you are looking to take.

Beatriz Álvaro

Dexeus Mujer, fertility clinic in Barcelona

Monica Aresta


Manish Banker

Executive Director of Nova IVI

Dimitrios Dovas

Newlife IVF

Manuel Fernandez

Director at IVI Sevilla

Dr. Lawrence Gobetz

MBChB (Pret) F.C.O.G. (SA) with Reproduction Medicine

Dr. Jon Hausken

Klinnik Hausken

Jeannette Jackson

Private Nutritional Biochemist

Salome Lopez

URVista Hermosa

Marc Lucky

Urologist and Andrological surgeon