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Let’s all Talk Fertility

Let’s all Talk Fertility

Join us over the coming months for our new series of interviews and Q & A's, "Let’s all Talk Fertility" in association with Fertility Network, Peanut and Fertility Fest.  Jessica Hepburn, Founder of Fertility Fest, author and content director for the Fertility Show and Sophie Sulehria,  journalist and Peanut ambassador will be hosting our programme of interviews every Wednesday Evening at 8pm with leading fertility experts and previous fertility patients that will focus on different themes each month. See below for details of our February schedule of webinars or click here to register. Join us live on the evening and have a chance to ask your questions or watch at a time that suits you as all interviews will be available on the Friday following Wednesday's live webinar.

March: Female Fertility
Day Time Panel
Wednesday 3rd March 8pm

Introduction to female fertility - the essential things you need to know  
Guest: Professor Joyce Harper 
Host: Sophie Sulehria

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Wednesday 10th March 8pm

PCOS  & Endometriosis 
Guest:  Dr Julia Kopeika  - Guys Hospital 
Host: Sophie Sulehria  

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Wednesday 17th March 8pm

Female Fertility and age – advice and options for older women 
Guest:   Dr Hector Izquierdo  - IVF Spain 
Host: Jessica Hepburn  

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Wednesday 24th March 8pm

Recurrent miscarriage  - latest thinking and treatments 
Guest:  Dr Vidya Seshadri  - CRGH 
Host : Jessica Hepburn 

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Wednesday 31st March 8pm

Book Club:  Jheni Osman joins us to discuss her new book "Conceivable, an insider guide to IVF"

Host : Sophie Sulehria 

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