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Let’s Talk Fertility

Let’s Talk Fertility

Join us over the coming months for our new series of interactive talks, interviews and Q & A's, Let’s Talk Fertility, in association with Fertility Network and Peanut.  Jessica Hepburn, Founder of Fertility Fest, author and content director for the Fertility Show and Sophie Sulehria,  journalist and Peanut ambassador will be hosting our programme of interviews with leading fertility experts and previous fertility patients that will take place on The Fertility Show IGTV focussing on different themes each month. 

Day Time Panel
Saturday 10.30 - 10.45

Hello and welcome

Jessica & Sophie present an introduction to Let’s Talk Fertility. Join us to hear more about our plans for the coming months and how you can help us bring you the very best content and Fertility experts.

Saturday 11:30 - 11:45

Starting out on your fertility journey

Sophie and Jessica will share with you the questions they wished they’d asked when they first started out. Tell us what is important to know at the beginning of your journey - whatever route you’re taking.   Do you have a question you would like included in the bigger programme in December or tell us what you would like to know about add on’s and treatments.

Saturday 15.30 - 15.45

Female infertility

Whether you're suffering from PCOS, low ovarian reserve, endometriosis or have had treatment for cancer, this is the place to tell us what you would like to hear more about, experts you’d like to hear from, and questions you would like answered. We will also be seeking out real-life stories from patients who have suffered from infertility and how they navigated their treatment/ conditions.

Saturday 16:30 - 16.45

Male infertility

Often not talked about as much as we should,  Sophie and Jessica will be working hard over the coming months to find real patients to share inspiring stories, the very best experts in the male fertility field, and of course, we need your input, tell us what you want to hear about and how we can help you find out more about the causes of male infertility and any lifestyle changes that can have a positive effect.

Sunday 10.30 - 10.45

Alternative routes to parenthood

Whether this is donor, surrogacy, or adoption, share with us the questions you would like us to ask experts and ambassadors and tell us what you would like to hear more about.  We will be working with experts in all fields to bring you the very best overview of alternative routes to having a family.

Sunday 11.30 - 11.45


Mental health, physical health, counselling, support, holistic and complementary therapies. How do we cope on this journey, how can we make sure we are in the best mental and physical health to deal with the impact of treatment - what can holistic treatments offer?  We will be asking you to share with us your experiences and also please tell us what you would like to hear more about, whether its nutrition, reflexology or what counselling support is on offer and how to find it.

Sunday 4.30 - 4.45

Round up & Close! 

A summary of the weekend and information about our next event in December.
After our launch, we will share with you the dates, themes, and timings of our Let's Talk IGTV events to take place monthly until September 2021.