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The Fertility Show Blog

The Fertility Show Blog

Welcome to our blog. Read on to find out about topical news in the headlines, some interviews with our seminar speakers, more information about our shows and lots more.

Opening up on fertility

12 September 2016

Over the past week, fertility has literally been front page news. From the undeniably joyous pregnancy announcement from The One Show presenter Alex Jones, to widespread national coverage following interviews revealing the pain of miscarriage from high profile and well-respected women; Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister and BBC Coast presenter, Tessa Dunlop. The very fact that these personal insights are so different reflects the reality of fertility for...

Does watching too much TV make men less fertile?

06 September 2016

There’s no doubting that fertility is a hot topic in the media at the moment, and with 1 in 6 couples struggling to conceive people are anxious to hear of any research breakthroughs that might help in their personal fertility journey. But how do you know which sources to trust and if this news could be beneficial to you? To help answer those questions, we’ve asked some of...

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand, give yourself the best chance

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