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Baby boys born through IVF can inherit their father’s infertility

Every year thousands of baby boys are born through IVF and now recent research shows that using the common fertility technique Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) could be leading to boys inheriting their father’s infertility. 

The study, carried out by a team at the Universiteit Brussels, looked at 54 men aged 18 to 22 and these were compared with 57 men who were a similar age. The study found that the men who were born using ICSI had almost half the sperm concentration and half as many motile sperm (sperm that can swim well) than naturally conceived men of a similar age. 

ICSI is used when couples struggle to conceive when the man has a low sperm count, or when there are abnormalities in the movement and shape of the sperm. Professor Simon Fishel, managing director of Care Fertility and seminar speaker at The Fertility Show, said: "This small study is useful but not unexpected in that we have been counselling couples since first using sperm micro injection 25 years ago that, due to genetic reasons, 'ICSI may beget ICSI'. However, we may still find that these men are able to conceive naturally. Just having low semen parameters is not evidence for the requirement of ICSI or IVF technologies. More follow-up studies will be required to ascertain meaningful outcomes."

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