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Fertility Treatment on the NHS?

This morning, the BBC Radio 4 Today programme featured a discussion around recent proposals to reduce or discontinue NHS funding for fertility treatment. Figures from the charity Fertility Fairness show a steady decline in the number of providers offering the recommended three cycles of treatment in England.

For anyone seeking fertility advice, this news may be unsettling. Provision of fertility treatment on the NHS has always been a postcode lottery. However, with government funding constraints making this worse, it is the people who best understand how the NHS works, its criteria and the information they need, who will fare best.

The Fertility Show understands that accessing advice and treatment via the NHS is very important to people seeking help for fertility problems, and this year will be addressing the issue head on with all visitors invited to the seminar “Fertility Treatment on the NHS?”. The seminar will be led by Anil Gudi and Amit Shah, Consultant Gynaecologists who run the NHS fertility service at the Homerton Fertility Centre in East London. Visitors to this Fertility Show seminar on Sunday 6th November (14.45 – 15.30) will be offered expert tips on how to fast track their fertility treatment on the NHS. To book tickets to the Show and to this seminar visit:

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According to the charity Fertility Fairness there is now a move towards sustained disinvestment in NHS fertility services in England. NICE guidance say women aged under 40 should be offered three cycles of IVF treatment on the NHS if they meet certain criteria, while women aged 40-42 should only be offered one The NHS in Scotland has promised that level of treatment next year; in Wales couples are offered two cycles and in Northern Ireland one.

The latest data from Fertility Fairness shows that in England less than one in five (17 per cent) of CCGs offer three full cycles of NHS-funded IVF to eligible couples.

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