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Opening up on fertility

Over the past week, fertility has literally been front page news. From the undeniably joyous pregnancy announcement from The One Show presenter Alex Jones, to widespread national coverage following interviews revealing the pain of miscarriage from high profile and well-respected women; Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister and BBC Coast presenter, Tessa Dunlop. The very fact that these personal insights are so different reflects the reality of fertility for so many women in the UK. 1 in 6 couples in the UK struggle to become parents, and those people understand only too well the emotional and physical impact of infertility.

By opening up about fertility with honest accounts - from the extreme highs to the devastating lows - we can only hope to create more understanding and generate more support for those experiencing problems.

Alex Jones in particular has led the way recently in talking publicly about the need for women to be more aware of and educated about their fertility and will be presenting a documentary “Alex Jones – fertility and me” due to air at 10.45pm on Tuesday 20th September on BBC One. The show will follow Jones’ journey as she talks to her mother and sister and their experiences of trying for a baby, undergoes tests to assess her own fertility, investigates the latest, cutting edge techniques and meets fertility experts (including The Fertility Show seminar speaker, Professor Tim Child, University of Oxford, Medical Director of the Oxford Fertility Unit and Founding Director of the Fertility Partnership ) working on treatments that look set to revolutionise fertility options in the future.


We applaud women who share their fertility stories and look forward to welcoming thousands of visitors to this year’s Fertility Show (November 5-6th 2016, Olympia, London). Creating an environment where people feel comfortable to seek advice about their fertility is at the heart of the event. While confidentiality is of the utmost importance, for those who want to discuss issues more openly, there are plenty of opportunities to seek and share advice with fertility specialists and fellow visitors alike. And, for the first time this year, visitors will have the opportunity to put forward questions – either anonymously or openly, to a panel of fertility experts, members of organisations and charities during The Fertility Show Q&A stage in association with Fertility Network UK.

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