Manchester tickets on sale now
Manchester tickets on sale now
What our visitors say

What our visitors say


London 2018

"Seminars very informative and helpful for someone new to all this."

"Lots of valuable, detailed info. I left with  a sense of hope."

"We attended 3 seminars on Saturday regarding egg donation. We found them very informative and gave us good overviews of their topics."

"I felt really welcomed and put at ease on what is an emotive subject."


Manchester 2018

"This having been my first time attending, I want to say how extremely worthwhile it was, and having the opportunity to talk to many professionals about my treatment, was a very valuable experience. I appreciated it very much indeed" 

"Everyone was very friendly, approachable and non-judgmental" 

"I selected seminars that were worthwhile for our particular needs at the time, and my husband and I found the ones we attended extremely helpful and being able to talk to specific speakers afterwards on a one to one basis, was extremely valuable for me especially. Also all the speakers/professionals were all so approachable and wonderful to talk to, which helped me a great deal too." 

"It was good to listen to personal journeys experienced by others and how they managed the ups and downs. Made you realise you are not alone and support is out there." 


Sometimes nature needs a helping hand, give yourself the best chance

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