Manchester tickets on sale now
Manchester tickets on sale now
What our visitors say

What our visitors say


London 2018

"Seminars very informative and helpful for someone new to all this."

"Lots of valuable, detailed info. I left with  a sense of hope."

"We attended 3 seminars on Saturday regarding egg donation. We found them very informative and gave us good overviews of their topics."

"I felt really welcomed and put at ease on what is an emotive subject."


Manchester 2018

"This having been my first time attending, I want to say how extremely worthwhile it was, and having the opportunity to talk to many professionals about my treatment, was a very valuable experience. I appreciated it very much indeed" 

"Everyone was very friendly, approachable and non-judgmental" 

"I selected seminars that were worthwhile for our particular needs at the time, and my husband and I found the ones we attended extremely helpful and being able to talk to specific speakers afterwards on a one to one basis, was extremely valuable for me especially. Also all the speakers/professionals were all so approachable and wonderful to talk to, which helped me a great deal too." 

"It was good to listen to personal journeys experienced by others and how they managed the ups and downs. Made you realise you are not alone and support is out there." 

London 2017

“We visited the Fertility Show in November 2017 and coincidently it was the day which we found out we were pregnant. We decided to still attend the Show due to our previous miscarriage and because it was good to know what was out there and what clinics were offering. We attended multiple seminars and a Q&A stage which we found very useful.” 

"I really found the day so helpful it was great to have so much information in one place and I spoke to people who opened up new ideas to me. The seminars were great. Thanks for putting on a great day"

"sessions were very informative and the stands were very helpful and offered quite a lot advice and I liked the fact that there was such a good variety. Where else could we have listed to so many comments in 2 days"

London 2016

“We visited the Fertility Show in 2015 & 2016. When we attended the Show in 2015 we were just starting out on our fertility journey and wanted to get an idea about clinics and information that was available to us. We really enjoyed the seminars and found them incredibly helpful. By the time the 2016 Show came around we were already pregnant but did still attend anyway.” – Miranda and David

“We visited the show following two failed rounds of IVF. We attended a few seminars and were interested in the adoption side of things as this was what we assumed we were going to end up doing. We also wanted to see all the clinics in the UK but would consider international clinics as well. It was a fantastic place to be and I thought it was amazing how everything was all under one roof. We went to Dr Desouto’s seminar from Dexeus Barcelona and we are now undergoing out 3rd round of IVF with him at his clinic. The best thing we ever did was go to The Fertility Show and meet Dr Desouto and Dr Rodriguez at Dexeus Barcelona.” - Kristel and Luke

“When we attended The Fertility Show we hadn’t long found out that we weren’t able to conceive. The show was really helpful for us as it was an insight into it all. I learnt a lot about coping with infertility as coping with it is a big thing for me.” – Eloise

“We had our first child through IVF and decided we wanted to have a second, this is when we visited The Fertility Show 2016. We found the show really useful and got loads of tips and advice which we’ve used.” – Joanne 


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