Tickets on sale 2019
Tickets on sale 2019
The Fertility Show London 2018 exhibitor list

The Fertility Show London 2018 exhibitor list

Find out everything you need to know in one place, at one time

No-where else offers you the chance to speak face to face with over 100 clinics, doctors and fertility specialists, in one place.

See below for the full list of exhibitors who attended the Show in London 2018.


abc IVF

Recognising the need for affordable, fair and equal access to IVF treatment, Professor Nargund has been developing a way to deliver low cost IVF in...


Access Fertility

Access Fertility offers patients the chance to fix the cost of IVF treatment; make a saving and receive a refund of up to 100% if you...


Acupuncture Fertility Network

The Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN) was set up in 2006 and is a directory of traditional acupuncturists who specialise in fertility support. AFN practitioners have all...


Adopt Thames Valley

All kinds of children need all kinds of families! Currently the children we have waiting for their forever home range from 0 to 8 years; 13 are under 3....


After the Storm

After the Storm was founded by Sarah Lawrence, after she and her partner faced their own hard path with involuntary infertility. Sarah struggled with her...



Altrui specialises in proactively finding each recipient the best possible altruistic egg donor with one-to-one donation throughout the UK. With over 30 years’ experience, we focus...


Association of Biomedical Andrologists (ABA)

The Association of Biomedical Andrologists (ABA) was established in 2004 as a professional body to provide support for laboratory scientists in the UK who undertake laboratory...


Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE)

ACE can discuss any issues with patients, so please bring your questions to us! We are collaborating with other professional bodies, so an Embryologist, Andrologist,...


Association of Reproductive Reflexologists

The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) is a professional body of practitioners with an advanced level of training in this specialism and is regarded as...


Ava Clinic

AVA Clinic Lisboa is a leading IVF clinic, providing a personal and holistic approach during fertility treatment. In Portugal we were the first to establish...


Barcelona IVF

BarcelonaIVF is a Fertility Clinic focused on offering a quality personalised attention to our patients. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and specialised team allows us to have...


Bindmans LLP

Bindmans is a highly successful law firm offering a wide range of expert legal services. We have a reputation for excellence and for being at...



Biogenesis is a Fertility Clinic operating since 1985 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our specialized team is always on the front line of global research and medical developments...


Bishop & Sewell

We’re a Central London law firm – with an international reach – specialising in personal, property and commercial legal matters with a particular interest in Forming...


British Acupuncture Council

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has about 2,700 members. We are the UK’s largest regulatory body and the only Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register for...


British Andrology Society (BAS)

Andrology is the study of male specific diseases, especially fertility problems. The British Andrology Society (BAS) is the UK learned society for Andrology so authors...


British Fertility Society

The aim of the BFS is to promote high quality clinical care and patient advocacy through effective representation, research and education in Reproductive Medicine. The...


British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA)

The British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA), an organisation established in 1988, is the only professional association for Infertility Counsellors in the UK. BICA seeks to promote...


California Cryobank

California Cryobank has helped create thousands of families around the world. California Cryobank also offers private reproductive tissue storage and cord blood banking via CBR....


CARE Fertility

CARE Fertility is one of the world's leading providers of fertility treatment, genetic diagnosis and screening techniques and associated fertility preservation procedures. At the forefront...


Caroline Lin Cai

Caroline (Lin) Cai is a specialist in Fertility, Infertility and conditions such as, PCOS, Endometriosis, Recurrent Miscarriage, Early Menopause, Low AMH, High FSH, Egg Issues...



Join a revolution, a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive wellness. Currently, there is no way of knowing how our lifestyle and environment are impacting...


Coast Science®

Fertility Supplements Trusted by Physicians Worldwide Coast Science is committed to optimizing fertility. We have been a leader in the science and manufacturing of top...


CREATE Fertility

CREATE Fertility are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF treatment in the UK. Our fertility treatments offer women the chance to have a baby...

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