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Seminar speakers - London 2019

Seminar speakers - London 2019

Our brilliant seminar programme includes some of the world's leading experts and doctors in the fertility world. We ensure the speakers cover an extensive range of fertility treatments and issues so there will always be a relevant topic and expert for whichever fertility path it is you are looking to take.

Take a look at our speakers for London 2019.


Click here to see full Seminar timetable, where our speakers will be featuring across the weekend. Click here to purchase tickets for those seminars.

Beatriz Álvaro

Dexeus Mujer

Prof. Adam Balen

Leeds Fertility

Sarah Banks

Fertility Coach

Nina Barnsley

Director of Donor Conception Network

Mel Brown

MSc Nutritional Medicine

Lucy Buckley

Co-Founder Dr Fertility

Zoe Clark-Coates

CEO of Saying Goodbye and The Mariposa Trust.

Andy Clark-Coates

Co-founder of The Mariposa Trust

Dr. Larisa Corda

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Kate Davies

Fertility Nurse Consultant and founder of Your Fertility Journey

Jakub Dejewski

CEO, IVF Media Ltd.

Dr. Dimitrios Dovas

Newlife IVF Greece

Grace Dugdale

Reproductive Biologist

Dr. Tarek El-Toukhy

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Guys and St Thomas' Hospital

Dr. Raef Faris

Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist, Lister Fertility Clinic

Prof. Simon Fishel

Director of CARE Fertility

Carole Gilling-Smith

Medical Director and Founder of the Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre

Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD

Natural Health Practice

Mr. Haitham Hamoda

Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, King’s College Hospital

Dr. Jon Hausken

Klinikk Hausken

Jessica Hepburn

Co-Founder Fertility Fest

Mel Johnson

Founder of the online solo motherhood support network Stork and I.

Yacoub Khalaf

Consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, Guys and Thomas' Hospital

Prof. Charles Kingsland

Clinical Director, CARE Fertility

Dr. Irfana Koita

IVF Matters

Dr. Julia Kopeika

Consultant Gynaecologist, Guys and St Thomas'

Dr. Stuart Lavery

Gynaecologist, Imperial College Healthcare

Dr. Kevin Maas

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, Idaho Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Kobi McCardle

Dr Fertility

Dr Anupa Nandi

Consultant Gynaecologist and SubSpecialist in Reproductive Medicine, Lister Fertility Clinic

Prof. Geeta Nargund

Director of CREATE Fertility

Mr. James Nicopoullos

Consultant Gynaecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Lister Fertility Clinic

Henrietta Norton

Fertility and Pregnancy Nutritional Therapist

Dr. David Ogutu

Consultant Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist, Herts and Essex Fertility Centre

Oriol Oliana

State Registered Clinical Scientist, The Fertility Partnership

Dr. Raul Olivares

Medical Director, Barcelona IVF

Dr. Lucy Richardson

Laboratory Director, Herts and Essex Fertility

Mr. Rehan Salim

Consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, Imperial College Healthcare

Tracey Bambrough Sara Marshall

Co-founders of IVF Babble

Barbara Scott


Natalie Silverman

Founder and Presenter of The Fertility Podcast and host of the Let's Talk Fertility Stage

Dr. Georgi Stamenov

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Nadezhda Hospital

Dr. Natalia Szlarb

Medical Director of IVF Spain

Sarah Templeman

Head of Donation and Surrogacy Services, Herts and Essex Fertility Centre

Hortense Thorpe

Outsourcing Manager, Centrica/British Gas

Erika Tranfield

Founder of Pride Angel - Fertility Fest Speaker

Andreia Trigo

Founder of inFertile Life, fertility nurse and coach

Gabby Vautier

Co-Founder Fertility Fest

Aleksander Wiecki

CMO, IVF Media Ltd.

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