London tickets on sale Summer 2019!
London tickets on sale Summer 2019!
Seminar speakers - London 2018

Seminar speakers - London 2018

Our brilliant seminar programme includes some of the world's leading experts and doctors in the fertility world. We ensure the speakers cover an extensive range of fertility treatment and infertility issues so there will always be a relevant topic and expert for whichever fertility path it is you are looking to take.

Please see below our list of speakers who spoke in London 2018

Prof. Adam Balen

Leeds Fertility

Nina Barnsley

Director of Donor Conception Network

Lobzeva Diana

Head of Unit at Next Generation Clinic, Russia

Dimitrios Dovas

Newlife IVF

Grace Dugdale

Reproductive Biologist

Raef Faris

Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist

Aileen Feeney

Chief Executive, FNUK

Prof. Simon Fishel

Director of CARE Fertility

Carole Gilling-Smith

Medical Director and Founder of the Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre

Lucia Grounds

Membership Coordinator of Donor Conception Network

Prof. Geeta Nargund

Director of CREATE Fertility

Prof. Allan Pacey

University of Sheffield

Angela Pericleous-Smith

Chair of BICA, Specialist Fertility Counsellor

Barbara Scott


Natalie Silverman

Founder and Presenter of The Fertility Podcast and host of the Let's Talk Fertility Stage

Caroline Spencer

fertility coach, ex-nurse, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and single mum to a donor conceived child

Dr. Natalia Szlarb

Medical Director of IVF Spain

Joanne Triggs

Head of Communications HFEA

Andreia Trigo

Founder of inFertile Life, fertility nurse and coach

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