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Speaker List

Speaker List

Our brilliant seminar programme includes some of the world's leading experts and doctors in the fertility world. We ensure the speakers cover an extensive range of fertility treatments and issues so there will always be a relevant topic and expert for whichever fertility path it is you are looking to take.

Below are all the 2022 speakers that will be taking part in this year's seminar programme. 


Dr. Héctor Izquierdo

Gynaecologist, IVF-Spain

Prof. Suks Minhas

Consultant Urologist and Lead Andrologist at Imperial College, London

Nader AlSalim

CEO and founder of Gaia

Dr. Francisco Anaya Blanes

Director of the UR Hospital La Vega, Murcia & Gynecologist of the Reproduction Unit of Clinica Vistahermosa

Prof. Adam Balen

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, CARE Fertility

Nina Barnsley

Director of Donor Conception Network

Dr. Alison Campbell

Chief Scientific Officer for CARE Fertility Group

Prof. Tim Child

HFEA Authority Member and Chair of the HFEA Scientific and Clinical Advances Advisory Committee, Medical Director of Oxford Fertility and Group Medical and Founding Director of The Fertility Partnership

Dr. George Christopoulos

Obstetrician – Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist at HYGEIA IVF Embryogenesis, Greece


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist in fertilty, gyanecology, pregnancy and post-partum

Andrew Coutts

CEO of International Fertility Company

Dr. Dimitrios Dovas

Director, Newlife IVF Greece

Grace Dugdale

Reproductive Biologist

Eloise Edington

Founder, Fertility Help Hub

Dr. Tarek El-Toukhy

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Guys and St Thomas' Hospital

Dr. Alper Eraslan

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Surgeon with IVF Specialist certification

Clare Ettinghausen

HFEA Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs

Dr. Laura Garcia de Miguel

Medical Director, Clinica Tambre

Dr. Julija Gorodeckaja

Group Medical Director for CARE Fertility Group

Sandra Greenbank

Registered Nutritional Therapist FDSC, DIP ION, MBANT, MIFM

Dr. Jon Hausken

Founder of Klinikk Hausken

Wes Johnson-Ellis

Co-Founder of My Surrogacy Journey and TwoDads.U.K

Michael Johnson-Ellis

Co-Founder of My Surrogacy Journey and TwoDads.U.K

Saghar Kasiri

Healthcare Professional

Prof. Charles Kingsland

Chief Medical Officer for CARE Fertility Group

Dr. Julia Kopeika

Consultant Gynaecologist, Guys and St Thomas'

Notafictional Mum

Founder of Notafictionalmum

Prof. Geeta Nargund

Director of CREATE Fertility

Dr. Raul Olivares

Medical Director, Barcelona IVF

Prof. Allan Pacey

University of Sheffield

Angela Pericleous-Smith

Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association

Tracey Sainsbury

Senior Fertility Counsellor

Mr. Rehan Salim

Consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine, Imperial College Healthcare

Barbara Scott

Chair of The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and Founder of Seren Natural Fertility

Anya Sizer

Regional Representative for Fertility Network UK

Dr. Georgi Stamenov

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Founder of Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital

Dr. Natalia Szlarb

Medical Director, Vida Spain

Laura-Rose Thorogood

Founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe

Dr Yau Thum

Lister Fertility

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