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Grace Dugdale

Reproductive Biologist

Grace Dugdale is a reproductive biologist and award-winning writer with a background in molecular biology & genetics.  She has spent many years researching biological function in sex and fertility and has a number of research special interests in relation to fertility: in particular metabolic health, the microbiome, mitochondrial function, epigenetics, foetal programming and the optimisation of embryonic development through modifiable factors in the father and mother. This research has led to the development of an evidence-based fertility and preconception care programme for both men and women trying to conceive.  The programme has been launched at The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine and empowers couples to take control of their own health through dietary and lifestyle factors that can impact reproductive success and the future health of the child.  The focus is on diagnostic, personalised medicine to assess the many underlying health factors that can contribute to difficulties conceiving.  Grace takes a systems biology and preventative medicine approach in relation to maternal-foetal health via therapeutic targets related to cellular ageing and underlying biological dysfunction. 

Grace is a member of the London Epigenomics Club and attends the All Party Parliamentary Group for Sexual and Reproductive Health, whilst actively maintaining her continuing professional development in reproductive medicine and biology through regular attendance at courses and conferences. Grace is also a public speaker and has given talks on sex and science at events such as Latitude, Festival No 6, Salon London and the Harrogate Literary Festival, as well as appearing on numerous TV and radio programmes to talk about sex and fertility.  

As a campaigner in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, and sexual abuse and exploitation, Grace is passionate about promoting good quality sex, relationship and fertility education, gender equality, and healthy attitudes towards sex and reproduction in young people.  As such, she is a regular mentor for both the South Bank Centre’s International Day of the Girl and Women of the World Festival.

Grace is hosting a seminar Underlying Health and Fertility: How Can Diet & Lifestyle Help? On Saturday 10:30 - 11:15 . Find out more here.