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Notafictional Mum

Founder of Notafictionalmum

I’m notafictionalmum; Mother, wife and self-confessed perfectionist. Adopting my son has been (so far) life’s greatest accomplishment. It’s wonderful, he’s wonderful so why do I get asked the most obscene questions, and why (at times) have I felt so unaccepted as a mother? I can remember the day I stepped into a department store full of hope, excitement, and money (one of my premium bonds came in). I was an expectant mother, only to discover there was nothing there for me. I didn’t have ‘the bump’. I’m a mum, I wipe poo off most household items, drop and roll to the potty when it’s called for quicker than any Marvel superhero. My little boy just happens to be adopted, that’s all. I started blogging, thought it better to take my lack of equality frustrations out on a keyboard. Save the old marriage.