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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist in fertilty, gyanecology, pregnancy and post-partum

Sarah has been immersed in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) since a young child. Her mother, who has now been practising for over 40 years, emigrated from Taiwan in the 1970s and started a private practice within the family home. Continuing her mother's legacy Sarah gained her acupuncture and TCM accreditation and certification after 4 years of teaching from some of the UK and China's most prestigious tutors, Doctors and practitioners. With additional clinical practice at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine and at both the Whittington and North Middlesex NHS Hospitals’ pain clinics, Sarah graduated with a First Class BSc. Honours degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and was additionally awarded the 'Prize for Excellence in TCM Studies’ in 2009.

Sarah's special interest in gynaecological and andrological diseases led her to post-graduate training in fertility and conception disorders. Since entering private practice in 2009 she has made hundreds of healthy happy babies for couples who have been struggling to get pregnant and stay pregnant with patients visiting her clinic from all over London and the South-East. 

Whilst Sarah’s treatments can significantly support and increase success rates of various assisted processes such as IVF, she is known for being able to diagnose the root causes of disease and disorder and treat these underlying issues to enable couples to go on and create their dream family without the need for such medical intervention. She is proud to offer a fully comprehensive, holistic and natural treatment solution to male and female infertility and recurrrent miscarriage.