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Tom Webb

The Easybit documentary maker, Fertility Fest speaker

Thomas Webb started making short films in his early teens and his love of film-making continued into his career. He currently works as the Head of Creative at Upbeat, a digital agency that covers video production and web development. In his spare time he still makes short films - his latest Hyper Jump has been screened at the Raindance Film Festival, Holly Shorts monthly screening in L.A. and the London Short Film Festival.

The Easy Bit is Tom’s first feature length documentary. It is inspired by Tom and his wife’s 11 year fertility journey. During this time they decided to write a blog about their experiences One of the most surprising reactions to the blog was the fact that a lot of readers had never read a male account of IVF. Tom decided that regardless of the outcome of their treatment something positive should be created and the idea of a documentary about the male perspective of fertility treatment formed.

The Easy Bit is produced by Zara Ballantyne-Grove who is currently COO of Upbeat Productions where she has produced short films which have screened at festivals around the world.