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Press Stories

Press Stories

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Your stories

Your stories

Sarah and Mike Leigh-Bergin

In 2014 my husband and i decided it was the right time to start exploring our options for private ivf as we were not elligible for treatment on the nhs. We were open minded about treatments within  the UK and abroad so decided to visit the National Fertility Show to help us identify the best route for ourselves. Through doing so we recieved lots of advice and guidance from various clinics and talks , we realised for our circumstances there was more choice than anticpated, with many clinics offering similar success rates and procedures, so for us it came down to who we felt most comfortable with, at an affordable price without sacrificing safety or personalised treatment and we chose to go with klinikk Hausken in Norway.  Had we not visited the show i am certain we would not have chosen the right clinic for us, its taken us a couple of attempts but we now have a little boy aged two with our second child due in Feb 2019.

Joanne Howard

In 2012 Joanne and her husband had their first round of IVF. They had 2 rounds on the NHS and Joanne fell pregnant on both the frozen cycles but miscarried at 6 weeks. She referred herself to a doctor at Liverpool Women's Hospital to look into 'natural killer cells.' Joanne then had a cycle with her doctor, and had a little boy. She decided for a second child and went back to the NHS hospital, but sadly this did not work. She then decided to visit The Fertility Show and got fantastic tips. She is now pregnant with their second child. 

Press Stories

Press Stories

Richard Clothier

"My wife Terri and I began trying for a baby after we got married. I was 34 and she was 29, we were both healthy, non-smokers, fit and rarely drank. We didn’t expect to have any problems, but we couldn’t fall pregnant. After a year and a half of trying, we went to the doctor to see if there were any underlying issues. It didn’t take long for the results to come back.

"I was told I had poor motility, which means the sperm don’t always move forward freely, poor morphology (shape), and a low sperm count...."

The Telegraph, July 2017, read the full article here.

Diana Williams

“I was 46 and still waiting, I attended The Fertility Show – a trade show for the fertility industry – and it was there that I met the team from IVI, an international fertility clinic in Spain.

I made the decision to travel to its Madrid clinic for treatment.

The first two attempts were negative, the following year – 2013 – I decided to go back for two final attempts with a different egg donor, and on the second attempt, I discovered I was pregnant.”

The Independent, March 2015, read the full article here

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