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Angela Heap


Angela is a Nutritionist with 11 years’ experience in fertility and pregnancy. She runs a successful London based clinic and works internationally with clients. She also lectures on Fertility and Pregnancy for the British College of Nutritional Health, The British Association or Nutritional Therapists ( BANT) and The College of Naturopathic Medicine where she studied and now trains Nutritional Therapists on how to use functional tests. Last year she presented on clinical fertility as part of one of the biggest international conference on Fertility and Pregnancy with prominent International  Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Doctors and Naturopathic Doctors in their field in ‘ The Gestational Journey’.  Her area of special interest is multiple miscarriages, Thyroid health, PCOS and Genetics. She has been interviewed for podcasts and has taken part in many fertility summits over the years.  She also writes for magazines on Fertility and pregnancy.