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Barbara Scott


Barbara Scott is founder of Seren Natural Fertility, Chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and author of the only book to have been written on the subject of Reproductive Reflexology 'Reflexology for Fertility', published in March 2016. She was also awarded the FHT 'Complementary Therapist of the Year in November 2017 for her work in developing reflexology protocols that support couples having difficulties conceiving.  Barbara has been in practice for 25 years and has not only worked with many hundreds of couples during that time, but has also provided specialist training for professional reflexologists which has meant that reflexology now plays a significant role for those wishing to use it to help them on their journey to parenthood.

The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists was founded in 2011 and has grown from just 17 original members to our current numbers of over 160.  This means that, not only do we have members around the UK, from Aberdeen, to Belfast and Dublin, and all the way down to Cornwall, but also, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Israel.  We have and continue to develop an integrative practice, and have formed collaborations with many medical establishments which help us to provide a full and rounded service for our clients.

Additionally, we have conducted a data collection which has allowed us to demonstrate how effective reflexology can be as a support to fertility issues.  We continue to collaborate with Cardiff Met University in developing research projects.