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Caroline Stafford

After seven years of fertility challenges, four rounds of failed ivf (three of those overseas) OHSS and a miscarriage, we’ve taken the last year off the IVF rollercoaster to regather ourselves and it’s only now that we feel we’re ready to begin to think about heading back to Athens to transfer our final two embryos.

As much as I feel I need to know the outcome and stop living in limbo I’m also aware that if this is unsuccessful, we will have reached the end of our IVF journey. We both feel that enough is enough, and can’t face the thought of another full cycle, and I find myself here, putting off making our trip (by signing up to run the Brighton marathon in April no less!) until mid year. 

It’s been an exhausting journey, but I’ve always felt that it’s important to be open and to talk about it and can’t emphasise enough how much having the support of others has helped me to navigate the past few years.

Setting up my business has also helped hugely, I guess it’s a kind of creative therapy, and helps me to find a purpose in the middle of it all, as well as giving me a reason to believe ‘everything happens for a reason’. Being able to help others to support and encourage each other, and let each other know that they are loved and thought of through their own struggles means so much to me.