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Dr. Larisa Corda

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Dr Larisa Corda is a Consultant in Reproductive Medicine. She qualified from Imperial College London and her training has been both in the UK and Australia, seeing her gain an understanding and appreciation of gynaecological, obstetric and fertility issues across a wide international population. She believes in a holistic approach to treating a patient that addresses many lifestyle factors, and is a passionate womens’ rights ambassador with roles on a number of international charities that have included UN Women and The Circle. She currently works for CREATE using natural and mild IVF techniques to assist conception where needed, is ITV This Morning’s and Channel Mum’s Fertility Expert, regularly appears and is quoted by the media, and has several research interests, some of which have been published. These include the effect of stress on reproductive outcomes, older age motherhood, as well as the current global injustice of inequity of access to reproductive care. She is also brand ambassador for My Lotus, and has recently launched her own website which offers guidance and support for all those wanting a natural empowering approach to their fertility.