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Jessica Hepburn

Jessica Hepburn is one of the UK’s leading patient voices on fertility, infertility and assisted conception. Having been through eleven rounds of IVF she has become a pioneer in raising awareness of what it means to struggle to create the family you long for. She is the author of two books The Pursuit of Motherhood (2014) and 21 Miles: swimming in search of the meaning of motherhood (May 2018). In 2016 she founded Fertility Fest (, the world’s first arts festival dedicated to raising awareness of fertility, infertility and reproductive science and in 2018 she was nominated as one of Amnesty International’s Women of Suffragette Spirit and Stylist Magazine’s Woman of the Week for her human rights work around fertility. She writes and speaks widely in the press and media, has been a trustee of the national charity Fertility Network UK, a patient adviser to the HFEA - the UK government’s regulator of fertility treatment; and is a member of the Fertility Education Initiative, chaired by Professor Adam Balen.  She is also the host of the Let’s Talk Fertility stage at the Fertility Show in London and Manchester.