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Celebrity doctor, Actress, Chef, Author, Journalist and Presenters join the World’s 1st IVF baby to talk Fertility.

None of us know if infertility will affect us until we start trying for a family.

We spend years trying not to get pregnant and the irony is that for some of us the dream of having our own biological child may never become a reality. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll never get your happy ending.

This year at The Fertility Show we are proud to introduce some special guests, all of whom have been affected by the pain of trying to have a baby. For these women they also have the added pressure of being in the public eye and having every movement scrutinised by the media.

Between 3rd to 4th November  they will be at The Fertility Show to talk about their journeys, tell their stories and to unite with visitors to the Show over the angst of trying…

Izzy Judd, author and now mother to two children has had her fair share of pain to get to where she is now. After a miscarriage and failed IVF treatment, and years of trying to conceive without intervention, she is now a proud Mum and knows just how lucky she is to have got there.

Izzy is thrilled to be joining us at The Fertility Show: “I’m really looking forward to speaking at the fertility show. I hope by telling my own story that I can be a companion and help others to feel less alone and more positive.”

Dr Zoe Williams, GP and TV doctor has recently taken the decision to freeze her eggs having got to her mid 30’s. Zoe will talk about the process, the costs and why she believes that women should be given the option to freeze eggs to optimise the chances of having a baby in later life.

Hannah Vaughan Jones, is a successful journalist and broadcaster for CNN. She is happily married and wants nothing more than to become a mother. Four years later and after 7 rounds of IVF she is still trying and still believing, but what happens and how do you feel if that biological clock has almost stopped ticking. Hannah bravely talks about her journey and how she still has hope but is also thinking about her Plan B.

Hannah explains “Sharing means shedding the shame. After years of quietly berating my body for its failure to do what comes so naturally to some, I’ve found enormous solace in the shared experiences of others. Sharing our story has made me feel so proud of who I am now and the mother I will be in the future.”

Lisa Faulkner, chef, actress, author and presenter endured years of trying, an ectopic pregnancy and several rounds of IVF before making the decision to adopt. Lisa is mother to her beautiful daughter and cannot imagine having it any other way, but the decision was not taken lightly and there were many ups and downs. Lisa talks about the process of adopting in the UK and her happy ending.

Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby turned 40 earlier on in the summer. Her parents took part in the pioneering work of Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe in Oldham in 1978 and became the first IVF parents. Forty year later, millions of families have now welcomed babies as a result of IVF.

Louise talks about how brave her parents were at the time to take this leap of faith and what IVF@40 means to her.


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