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Fertility Fest comes to The Fertility Show Manchester

Here at The Fertility Show HQ, we can’t wait to experience Fertility Fest as it comes to Manchester as part of the Show for the very first time. We spoke to Fertility Fest founders, Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, to find out a little bit more about Fertility Fest and what we can expect...  


What can visitors expect from Fertility Fest? 

Two days of events unlocking the emotional experience of going through fertility treatment told through the eyes of writers, musicians, film directors, theatre makers, visual artists and photographers in discussion with some of the country’s leading fertility experts. It will open your eyes to other people’s experiences, make you feel less alone, and hopefully enable you to leave The Fertility Show feeling inspired and motivated to ensure your fertility journey can and will be the best it can be, whatever happens. 


Can you tell us what Fertility Fest means to you?  

Fertility Fest has become a vocation. As former IVF patients (with very different endings to our fertility stories) we knew there were some things we wanted to change for the better about the world of infertility and IVF. And as professional arts producers we felt that theatre, dance, music, film, literature and visual art could have a real impact on achieving that, bringing together artists and fertility experts, patients and the public for the first time to discuss what it means to make (and sometimes not make) babies in the modern world. The really exciting thing is we’re starting to see huge changes - better understanding of the patient experience and the need for emotional care during treatment, improved fertility education and discourse about all aspects of reproductive science. Our vocation seems to be making a difference and that’s exciting. 


You have managed to put together a fabulous line up of musicians, experts, and artists. How do you find these amazing people? 

As word has spread about Fertility Fest - more and more artists and experts have approached us about getting involved. Our aim is to represent as many voices as possible which is why there are now over 250 artists and experts that are part of the Fertility Fest Family. You can read about them all here: We’re really looking forward to bringing some of them to Manchester for the first time. 


Can visitors get involved in the sessions? 

Yes! There will be an audience Q&A at the end of every session -  a chance to ask questions and share stories. 


How would you describe Fertility Fest in 3 words? 

People who understand!  


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