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Jessica Hepburn: ‘Why I’ll be hosting the Q & A Stage at The Fertility Show Manchester’

After the success of the Q&A stage at The Fertility Show London, it only seems right for the stage format to be taking centre stage at the new Fertility Show in Manchester.

The Q&A stage, which is run in association with Fertility Network UK, gives visitors the opportunity to put forward their questions, openly or anonymously, to a panel of fertility experts and leading representatives from fertility groups and charities.

The stage will run across both days, 25th and 26th March, and will give the public the chance to put their questions to leading experts such as Professor Geeta Nargund, Professor Adam Balen and Professor Allan Pacey.

Jessica Hepburn, author of The Pursuit or Motherhood and columnist for Fertility Road, will be hosting the stage. After 11 rounds of IVF, Jessica is able to offer practical advice and tips for survival through the struggle of trying to conceive.

Jessica comments “Going through IVF is a stressful process which can leave you with many unanswered questions.

At The Fertility Show in London I was really encouraged to see the amount of people who attended the Q&A sessions and were happy to put their questions to the panel of experts. I was also very pleased to be involved and was able to channel my experiences into helping the visitors at the Show. Being someone that has been through fertility treatment and listened to hundreds of different pieces of advice I am able to understand what the visitors are going through and how desperately they want a baby. This is why I was eager to host the stage in Manchester, at the first Show in the North as there is a clear need for more information and help across the country.

The past few years, at The Fertility Show, I have been moved by how my own personal journey has helped other couples and recommend everyone going through IVF to attend an event like this. The Show is really unique, giving access to the professionals that you wouldn’t usually get.

The Show doesn’t just focus on IVF covers but surrogacy, egg donors and adoption, so it gives me hope that couples will be able to fulfil their dreams of becoming a parent through other options.

Everyone’s fertility journey is individual and important, so I am urging everyone attending the Show to bring along all your questions, hopes and fears.”

With Jessica hosting the stage, we hope that visitors will be inspired to ask questions with confidence in a warm and welcoming environment. So, if you’ve got an unanswered question on fertility – whether you’re happy to speak out or if you’d rather submit a question anonymously, then make sure you get your tickets for The Fertility Show.

See Jessica Hepburn presenting the Q&A stage and The Fertility Show, Manchester, 25th & 26th March at Manchester Central Convention Complex.

"The speakers were of a very high quality & there was a very good range of topics. The organisation was extremely slick. The prices were affordable. It had a friendly, open, inclusive atmosphere."

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