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Let’s all Talk Fertility Diary: April by Sophie Sulehria

Well, if it isn’t our final newsletter before THE BIG WEEKEND! That’s right folks, in just a few weeks time The Fertility Show will be opening the doors to our first live show in two years - and boy is it a show and a half.

I was asked this week by the girls over at The Big Fat Negative podcast (more later), what’s different from this show to any other we’ve held? Aside from the fact I am on the team for this one (need I go on??), there are so many things we are proud of. Here are just a few…


For the first time ever, you can watch our seminars all over again online. In what we’re calling our ‘hybrid’ element of the Show, your ticket will give you access to our online platform after the event.
So, if you weren’t able to digest all the fantastic information while you were there, or you missed something, you can catch up later. And it's all part of your ticket price!


I am so excited that, this year, instead of the seminars being led by the experts with power point presentations, all three seminar rooms will be manned by a host. This host will have a conversation with the expert, asking them five important questions, and will then conduct a Q&A with audience questions too. It's going to be focused, fresh and easy to follow.

Plus, there’s another reason I am so excited about this… I'm one of the hosts! I am officially manning Seminar Room 3, so do come and see me! Myself and my two other colleagues are ready to say hello and this is where the hybrid element of the show is really going to make a difference.  We have such great content that I know it's going to be a struggle to choose which seminars to attend. 

Fear not, you can watch any you missed later! I have no doubt you'll want to because the experts and the content are going to be exceptional - you honestly won’t get this level of knowledge in one place, at one time, anywhere else. Do go check out the timetable to see what the seminars have to offer HERE


For want of a better analogy, this is my baby! After taking over the running of The Fertility Show’s social media accounts, I was overwhelmed by the amazing people I met behind those squares, within our community. People who have lived, or are living through, their own infertility experiences and have used it to help others. We therefore wanted to invite these wonderful patients / advocates / ambassadors to The Fertility Show this year, to hear their experiences and gain access to their advice and support. It's advice that you won't necessarily hear from a doctor. I am talking about the sort of peer to peer support that only a patient can share.

I can’t wait to grab a coffee with these guys, and hear about all the incredible things they have to offer. So come and meet them all with me. Head HERE for more info.

And if you need other reasons to come to this year’s Fertility Show, here are three more…

I actually wrote a whole article on this very subject for Fertility Help Hub this month (do go and check it out HERE) which told of all the amazing reasons why face to face meetings are still so very important. Human connection, support and understanding go a long way when dealing with a fertility issue.

Plus, choosing the right clinic and clinician is imperative, and a lot of that decision comes down to trust - something that can really only ever be judged by rapport, eye contact and dynamics - very hard to completely gauge over a computer screen. So it’s just as well we have all the top experts in their field under one roof!

If you get to a point in your fertility journey where donor conception becomes an option, we have a host of wonderful clinics, both in the UK and overseas, ready to help you. We also understand this is an emotionally difficult process, so we are delighted The Donor Conception Network will be on hand to discuss what donor conception means both physically and psychologically. They will also take to the stage, to give a full introduction and overview to egg and sperm donation, to help you understand further what your future may look and feel like if you decide to choose an egg or a sperm donor for your fertility treatment.

To discuss egg donation here in the UK we have The Lister Fertility Clinic, who are taking a lead in this area across the UK and opening of their own egg bank very shortly - watch this space! 

Or if you’d prefer to take your treatment abroad, then both IVF Spain and Newlife Greece will be talking to you about what that option would look like. As is the case in all our seminars, the speakers will take their time to answer audience questions.

The Fertility Show is not just for first children, but for those struggling for a second, or who are considered a little older. There is a lot you can do in these situations, and our experts will be there to help with your options. We are delighted that Clinic Tambre in Spain will be there discussing premature & low ovarian reserve and how to treat it. Plus IVF Mitera in Greece will be giving options for older women or those struggling with secondary infertility. Two fantastic clinics with a lot of knowledge.

Meanwhile, on Let's all Talk Fertility Online...

In April, we were delighted to welcome the fantastic Sandra Greenbank onto our “Let’s all Talk Fertility" webinar channel. Sandra is a Nutritional Therapist whose work focusses heavily on helping people get pregnant and supporting them through any fertility struggle they may be having. To watch this webinar again head HERE


When I first met Gabby and Emma from The Big Fat Negative podcast back in 2018, I knew I would get on with them. Despite their fertility situations (both girls were about to embark on IVF treatment at the time) they were expert in finding the lighter side of things and we instantly hit it off. Roll on four years and I am delighted that both myself and Laura Biggs, the MD of The Fertility Show, had the privilege of being on their podcast this month, to tell our stories and discuss their attendance at The Fertility Show in the “Let’s all Talk Fertility” Hub. Just after we’d finished recording, I caught up with them for this month’s Q&A…

Why did you decide to start the Big Fat Negative podcast?
We wanted to turn what we were going through into something useful. The podcast gave us a place to vent, which became essential when we were in the depths of infertility. Each week, we could get together and laugh and cry about the rubbish situations we were in. It also gave us access to experts who we could ask the important questions to - questions that we and countless others had on our minds. We were blown away by the response and so happy that it has helped so many others as well.
You released your first book “Big Fat Negative: The Essential Guide to Infertility, IVF and the Trials of Trying for a Baby” this year too! What an achievement - why did you decide to write it?
Infertility is such a steep learning curve. We wanted to use all of the information we had learned from the podcast, and all of our experiences, plus those of  people we'd interviewed, to create a book that could really guide others through the process and hopefully give them a giggle or two at the same time!
What's the feedback been since you launched it into the world??
Amazing! So many people have been in touch to tell us they love it. Chris Evans called it "probably the most important book" he'd had on his breakfast show which had to be a highlight! We really hope it will be around for many many years to come, for people to use as and when they need it.
The Fertility Show are super excited to be included in a one-off episode of The BFN Podcast! What should people expect from the episode?
You lovely ladies running The Fertility Show are so unique because you have been through your own fertility issues. We'll be exploring those, talking about what the show offers this year and why we're so excited to be involved. Plus , of course, people can expect our usual mix of real-life infertility experiences, me and Emma chatting, and some great expert advice.
You are both at The Fertility Show this year - what are you most  looking forward to about being at the Show?
Meeting people and being part of the community. We don't get together often enough (especially not these days) so we look forward to meeting as many people as possible, to hear other people’s inspiring stories, and hopefully give people some much needed advice and support.
We look forward to having the BFN girls at The Fertility Show on Sunday 8th May. And if you want to want to bring your Big Fat Negative books to the Show, the girls will be happy to sign it! 

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Advice for the Two Week Wait…
This month on the gram @thefertilityshow, we asked what advice you would give someone who was about to enter the two week wait. As ever, you didn’t disappoint with your help and advice. Here are four of your wonderful answers…
“Binge watching a TV series seriously helps in many situations. Also getting social, meditating, journaling, exercise - basically indulge in self care”

“Personally I think the main advice should be do what you want! Don’t feel pressure to be active, sedentary, go for walks, or to events… do whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“One thing that helped my wife and I was hosting exchange students. It helped us to focus on their needs, and balance out our emotions”

“Pre book some lovely social things in the diary, things to look forward to. Save a series you want to binge watch. Or buy a new book and save it for the wait”

Quite literally! As with only a few weeks to go, The Fertility Show are gearing up to meet you in person for the first time in two years! We CAN'T WAIT! So if you haven’t already, get your tickets HERE and I’ll be back next month with a round up of how it all went!

Meanwhile, please be sure to follow us on our Social Media channels @thefertilityshow and be the first for all news, support and information.