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Still a lot to learn! Female Fertility on Let’s all Talk.

In March we turned to Female Fertility, and despite being a female fertility patient for almost ten years now, I still had a lot to learn!

8) KNOWLEDGE EARLY ON - There was one thing that every guest we had on in March told us - women need to know about their female fertility health early.  As early as possible, in fact as early as 18-20.  They need to realise they have a biological clock, and from 30 it starts to tick the other way.  By 35 our eggs really start to decrease, and in our 40s even more so.  Our guests didn’t set out to scare with this information (although it is a scary truth) but their aim is to ensure that women understand they have a time limit if they want to have children.

9) 1 IN 3 - One in three people have Endometriosis and / or PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) This statistic shocked me.  I think because it made me realise just how many women suffer in silence.  You don’t hear one in three women complaining or telling people how much pain they’re in, or how much they suffer.  It’s still a silent struggle when it comes to female medical conditions, and something I feel needs to be more widely discussed, and more money and research time invested into the conditions.

10) RECURRENT MISCARRIAGE - At the time of writing, we haven’t yet discussed the topic of miscarriage, it’s coming up next.  However, news out today show scientists have made strong leads into research.  They have managed to create clumps of human tissue that behave like early-stage embryos, a feat that promises to transform research into the first steps of human development.  The clumps of cells, named blastoids, resemble blastocysts, which form within a few days of an egg being fertilised. By studying blastoids, scientists hope to understand why so many miscarriages occur at this delicate stage in human pregnancy.  I look forward to hearing more about this exciting research in the coming talk.

For those of you who missed these sessions, we have uploaded them all to The Fertility Show’s YouTube Channel for you to watch back.  Meanwhile soon we head into April, when the focus will be on “Patient Stories”.  We have another great lineup, some familiar faces will be on discussing their journeys and giving people lots of helpful advice.  To book your free place on the up and coming webinars, plus watch the rest of content from The Fertility Show so far, just follow this link: