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A new and exciting collaboration for The Fertility Show

Here at The Fertility Show HQ, we are busy planning the London Show and we are delighted to be joining forces with IVF Babble - the world’s leading online fertility and IVF magazine - founded by Sara Marshall-Page and Tracey Bambrough.

Along with our brilliant charity partners, Fertility Network UK, who this year will again be providing invaluable support and impartial advice at the Show, it looks set to be our most informative, supportive and collaborative Show yet.

IVF babble will bring a fresh, new dimension to the Show, providing an emotional and human touch, by giving visitors the opportunity to chat, connect and discuss their own experiences with each other in an informal and 'oasis-like' setting in the new ‘IVF Babble Lounge’. They will be working with Fertility Network UK to bring yet more great speakers and experts to our new and more intimate Q&A forum.

There will be patient-led talks and well-known faces who want to share their experiences, alongside the knowledge from the many diverse exhibitors, speakers and doctors.

Whether you’re looking for IVF, donor, surrogacy or adoption advice and attending as a couple, single, same-sex couples, or for specific health reasons the show aims to provide all visitors with the advice and support they are looking for.

The safe and collaborative atmosphere gives visitors a unique chance to meet and chat face-to-face with experts and meet and speak with other visitors.

2018 is set to be a fantastic year with the London Show celebrating two big birthdays. Not only is it the 40th anniversary since the first IVF treatment took place, but the London Show will be marking its tenth anniversary this year.

The fact that The Fertility Show marks the end of the biggest week in Fertility in the UK is by no means a coincidence.

National Fertility Week, organised by the Fertility Network UK team, will have daily news and events covering all aspects of fertility leading up to the Show, and IVF Babble will hold its inaugural Pineapple Ball on Friday, November 1, held at and closing the Science Museum’s fertility exhibition that runs from July.

Fertility Network, IVF Babble and the Fertility Show are passionate about working together as a three-way partnership to make sure that the #TTC community is supported in whatever fertility path they choose.

The Fertility Show provides the best possible platform for visitors to get the most up-to-date and unbiased advice and support there is, face-to-face, in the UK.

The Show will be using the hashtag: #40yearsstronger which could not be a more powerful message as the Show’s mantra and to ensure it will bring to life at the Show for all this year’s visitors.

The Fertility Show’s managing director, Laura Biggs says: “I’m delighted to be working with IVF Babble as well as our long-term partners Fertility Network. We are all very passionate about helping people make the right choices and the most informed decisions in a friendly and educational forum, with our partners, speakers and exhibitors. I’m very confident that this year’s tenth Fertility Show will be an incredible event for all of us.”

Aileen Feeney, chief executive of leading patient charity Fertility Network, says: ‘Fertility Network is delighted to be continuing our long-running partnership with The Fertility Show and welcoming its new partners, IVF babble. Together we will continue to create a not-to-be-missed event for anyone looking for information to help them make the right decisions about the next steps in their fertility journey; providing unrivalled access to internationally recognised fertility experts and treatment providers;’

Co- founder of IVF babble, Tracey Bambrough says: “We are delighted to be working with the fantastic Fertility Show and the UK’s leading fertility charity, Fertility Network UK at the 2018 London event. We bring with us our own unique fertility journeys and hope that by being open and sharing them, it will bring a sense of warmth and security to others on a similar road. Working collaboratively, we are sure it will make this year’s show a hugely successful venture for us all and our guests.”

Co-founder of IVF babble Sara Marshall-Page says: “We want visitors to feel they are part of a community and that they are not alone on this path, which is why the IVF Babble lounge will be a place of reassurance and togetherness. It will also be a space where they can talk about absolutely anything, be it their journey, their emotions, thoughts and frustrations. Or they might want to use it as a space for quiet reflection and listen to some of our guest speakers – it is entirely up to them. We can’t wait to welcome each and every one of them.”