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Visitor Viewpoints: Inside The Fertility Show

We love to hear about our visitor’s experiences at The Fertility Show - whether they have gone on to succeed with IVF or have decided to help others with their journey. We are looking forward to opening our doors once again on 5th and 6th November and helping all our visitors with their fertility journeys. Two of last year’s visitors Ruth and Saskia shared their stories and their experiences of the show with us. 


I have polycystic ovaries, luckily only with mild symptoms, and also hashimotos so it was always going to be a struggle when going down the fertility route. We started trying for a baby when I was 36, fertility naturally begins to decline at 35, and my partner was 49, meaning that age was also against us.

We have experienced fertility problems for around 6 years and had several rounds of IVF.

I got pregnant fairly early on but unfortunately our joy was short lived as I had an early miscarriage. It is such a heart-breaking thing to go through and we searched many places for answers and information as to why it had happened. 

We tried again but failed time after time to the point where we were close to giving up. We had considered egg and sperm donors but didn’t feel that this was the right thing for us, although we would have probably gone there as a last resort. 

One of the places we visited was The Fertility Show which was incredibly informative and made us realise that actually we weren’t alone in what we were going through. 

My partner is now 55 and I am 43 and I am pleased to say we are expecting our first child with my due date being 3rd January 2017. Although we are not out of the woods yet, I am enjoying my pregnancy and excited for the birth of our child. 

I would like to encourage all couples who think they are too old to have children to not give up hope.


I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011, and after a laparoscopy I was devastated to be told that my fallopian tubes were so infected that I would never conceive naturally. IVF would be my only chance of ever having a baby. 

Before embarking on any kind of fertility treatment, the IVF clinic insisted that I have both tubes removed as the infection may compromise any potential pregnancy in the future. I made the difficult decision to remove them entirely, and then began treatment in the summer of 2011. 

The treatment was intense but it was extremely exciting to be a part of such an amazing process. It worked first time and our daughter was born in May 2012. My partner and I had kept 2 frozen embryos from the treatment with the plan of using these in the future. However, our relationship broke down around the time we had our daughter and we made the heart-breaking decision to destroy the embryos we had saved. Making this decision was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced as you are destroying your future children and your child’s siblings.

Two years later, I had met and married my new partner and although it was difficult having to explain my fertility struggles, he understood and we looked into going through IVF again. As I had a child from my previous relationship we weren’t eligible for NHS funding, so finding the right clinic was important to us. 

We started the treatment and I fell pregnant again straightaway. However, the joy was short lived and I miscarried at 10 weeks. Again, we kept 2 frozen embryos, but neither of these worked which was incredibly frustrating and emotionally draining. Throughout the treatment I found myself rushing from work to whatever appointment I had, and the stress and emotion of what I was going through wasn’t helping my situation so I decided to give up work.

That is when my life truly changed. I focused on my lifestyle, diet and outlook on life and changed them all. I became healthier and happier and was able to concentrate entirely on my third round of IVF. 

I am very happy to say that the third round of IVF was successful. I became pregnant and gave birth to my second daughter in November 2015. 

I was so inspired by everything that I had been through and had learnt, that I decided I wanted to reach out to and help people on their fertility journey. Last year, I attended The Fertility Show where I was amazed by the support and advice visitors were given and the professionalism of everyone involved. 


My visit to the show was what ultimately encouraged me to go ahead and start my own business. I want to be able to provide people with support from someone who has experienced what they are going through. That is how My Beehive was born.

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand, give yourself the best chance

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