Manchester tickets on sale now
Manchester tickets on sale now

Andrew Loosely

Andrew is a world leading Chinese Medicine Fertility Expert and supports couples in more than 70 countries with his treatment programme, The Baby Creating Plan.

He is the founder of Natural Fertility Expert, and the creator and host of Fertility Question Time; a free monthly online event where Andrew invites other world experts to join him and discuss enhancing fertility health. 

Andrew says: “ My role as a Chinese Medicine Fertility Expert is to guide you on your fertility journey, to help you take the right action, make the right decisions and empower you to reach your goal of having your baby. This is why I developed The Baby Creating Plan and turned it into a worldwide programme, available to anyone in almost any location.”

He is the author of three books, a fertility health writer for Fertility Road Magazine, and a regular speaker and presenter at online and offline world events about Chinese medicine.

Andrew studied Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and then developed his speciality in fertility treatment with further post-graduate education.

In 1998 he created The Baby Creating Plan, based on the high pregnancy rate in his clinic, and since then has developed it into a global programme with a team of world experts that work alongside him.