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Diane Chandler

Diane Chandler went through seven cycles of IVF. Her journey included failed cycles, miscarriages, and a so-called biochemical pregnancy. But hers is a story of hope, because she and her husband are among the lucky ones, and their daughter, Maddie, is now 14. Diane has written a novel, Moondance, which draws on her personal experience of the emotional and physical impact of IVF. Moondance tells the fictional tale of a couple very much in love, who struggle to conceive and find themselves battling with fertility treatment. Diane wanted to bring the reality of IVF to life, pulling no punches about the tests and treatment, the hope and despair, and their potential impact on a marriage. While Moondance is an emotionally raw read, there is also much humour and warmth throughout – and above all there is hope. There must always be hope.