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Dr. Elizabeth Barbieri

Dr. Barbieri is a board-certified specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She joined Oregon Reproductive Medicine in 2009. Dr. Barbieri has extensive expertise caring for patients with in vitro fertilization, including those working with egg donors and surrogates as part of their family building. She is particularly interested in genetic etiologies of infertility and preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis.

She firmly believes in individualized and personalized care and making the most advanced treatment options accessible to patients. It is her goal to know each and every patient individually. By keeping the focus on the patient, she strives to diagnose each aspect of infertility so she can identify what particular treatment will help that patient succeed.

As an older than average mother of three small children, she understands her patients’ innate desire to start or complete their family when the time is right for them.

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