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Kelly da Silva

Founder of The Dovecote

Kelly Da Silva is a Fertility Support Expert, Writer, Speaker, EFT & NLP Practitioner and founder of The Dovecote: Childless Support Organisation

Inspired by her own personal experience of infertility, miscarriages and involuntary childlessness of over a decade, Kelly now supports people at any stage of their fertility journey and beyond.

She specialises in providing emotional support in her role as ‘CARE Fertility Support Coordinator’ and offers a range of support events including for those facing involuntary childlessness. As Founder of The Dovecote: Childless Support Organisation, she also helps to raise awareness of fertility and childlessness issues by being a leading voice in this area and often speaking in the media and events about this topic.

Sharing knowledge, strategies, research and tools gained through her own personal journey, Kelly offers a range of support including 1-2-1, workshops and provides a nurturing and safe global online community where people can connect with others dealing with the challenges of childlessness.