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Manchester tickets on sale now

Lisa Charlwood-Green

Lisa, Founder and Director of The WOW Network, has actively championed for LGBT equality and diversity for over 17 years, starting with her work at LGBT Switchboard as a trained counsellor, through to volunteering with LGBT Youth, LGBT Health and Wellbeing and LEAP Sports.

For 10 years she was the only openly LGBT person in an office of over 600 employees, where she was able to actively influence and change people’s perceptions just by virtue of being herself. Being in a very non-inclusive space, especially when pregnant, took a great deal of personal strength and resilience.

She was the deputy chair of Network Rail's LGBT network, and works with her current workplace to consult on LGBT staff training.

She has dedicated time, energy and personal funds to achieve her goals of making workplaces a safer and more inclusive space as she believes she has a responsibility to be a good role model as a mother of two and LGBT activist and leader.