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Mohammed Mahmoud

Dr Mohammed Khairy Mahmoud graduated in 1998 in Egypt and after finishing a residency programme he obtained a scholarship to the UK in 2005. He got his MD in infertility and reproductive medicine in 2008 on his work on the role of ultrasound markers of ovarian reserve (antral follicle count, ovarian volume and ovarian stromal Doppler) in prediction of ovarian response in assisted conception cycle.

Dr Mahmoud has extensive experience in infertility and assisted reproduction and has worked before in the assisted conception units in Guy’s and St Thomas hospital, Aberdeen and Birmingham. He had his subspecialty training in reproductive medicine and surgery in the Birmingham fertility centre, Birmingham women’s hospital where he was extensively trained on management of patients with reduced ovarian reserve, recurrent implantation failure, endocrine disorders and patients requiring sperm and egg donation treatment and surrogacy. He is also experienced in management of patients with various surgical problems associated with infertility as fibroids and endometriosis. Dr Khairy is very keen on research and innovation and has numerous publications in the field of infertility and assisted reproduction. His main area of interest is recurrent implantation failure and interventions for improving endometrial receptivity , embryo selection and embryo transfer, management of reduced ovarian reserve and unexplained infertility. Dr Khairy also has many publications recognised internationly.