Tickets on sale July 24th!
Tickets on sale July 24th!

Tracey Sainsbury

Tracey Sainsbury is a BICA Accredited Fertility Counsellor working with The Lister Fertility Clinic (formerly with London Women’s Clinic) and co-author of Making Friends with your Fertility. Tracey works with people exploring their fertility and considering assisted conception or egg freezing, people experiencing infertility or secondary infertility and with people who are involuntarily childless.

Tracey provides: Implications counselling, which takes place routinely ahead of treatment using donated eggs, sperm or embryos or is considering donating eggs or egg sharing.  

Support Counselling: for before, during and following assisted conception treatment for individuals and couples.

Therapeutic Counselling: facilitated to enable exploration of your past, to gain clarity in your present and to challenge your thinking where appropriate to make behaviour changes for your future.

The Lister Fertility Clinic provide an open door counselling service, with counselling available for all patients before, during and following treatment.