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Wendy Martin

Wendy has been a counsellor for twenty years and has a wide range of experience in individual and couple therapy.

Her specialist areas are infertility and miscarriage support as I have been involved in this field since 1996.

Wendy also offers counselling to those couples for whom their fertility treatment is coming to an end and who are thinking about having a family through adoption.

Wendy counsels couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships - either due to infertility difficulties or for other personal reasons.


As a specialist infertility and miscarriage counsellor Wendy’s field of expertise is in counselling women, men, couples, single women and lesbian couples who are experiencing difficulties having the family they desire. Wendy can offer specialist support if you are:

 Undergoing fertility tests, investigations and treatments

 Suffering miscarriage, multiple miscarriages or ectopic pregnancy

 Having fertility treatment or donor conception either in the UK or abroad

 Contemplating being a solo mum using donor sperm

 Having to make the decision to terminate a much wanted pregnancy

 Ending or not even able to start fertility treatment

 Considering adoption

 Experiencing secondary infertility where a longed for second child eludes you

 Facing a life without children for whatever reason

 Experiencing the grief of having no children in the later stages of life